Roast on Demand

I'm sure that you've seen notes on our website or our facebook page about “Roast on Demand” or "Roasted Fresh After You Order”, this is exactly what we do. We Roast your coffee on demand. No this isn't some "marketing" jargon. We really do this. We feel this is the only way to bring you the best product we can as fast as we can.

See unlike other coffee roasters/distributers who roasts 100’s if not 1000’s of pounds of coffee everyday, then put it through various grinding procedures, then bag and tag and put everything on a shelf for later shipping we do it the right way. 

The minute you place your order and payment has been approved your order is routed to the pick-list for the next Roasting Session. (we roast every Monday/Wednesday/Friday).

Other coffee companies don’t do it this way for a couple of reasons, 1) it's expensive 2) it's pretty tricky.  The expense comes from our batch sizes. Our Roaster has built their shop around crazy small batches and a planning system that helps them run multiple batches at once and in series.  Roasting a batch of coffee is a complicated process.  Now imagine someone doing 4 batches at the same time on 4 separate roasters.  We do this with the help of some really great software and all 5 of our senses.

As I said above, we never roast a bag of coffee until after it is ordered. So each morning we run a 'picklist' report of all of the coffees that are scheduled to roast that day. This typically happens around 7am and at that point, we tag those orders to ship and anything that comes in after that gets pushed to the next day.  We then plan our batches and start roasting.  We'll finish making and stamping the bags, fill them with the coffee that we just roasted, package, and ship.  If there is extra coffee, we take it home and drink it or and yes this heartbreaking thing happens, we throw it out.  This is why we are super careful about batch size because no one wants these precious beans in the trash.  


We ship everything on the day it was roasted using USPS priority, which USPS promises is 2-5 days. This works perfectly because most beans need 48-72 hours of rest after being roasted for optimal flavor. Coffee brewed the day after roasting isn't very good. There is too much CO2 build up in the beans that need to degas. 

This Process takes some time and means that you could get coffee 4 or maybe 5 days after your order.  Let's follow an example:

If an order is placed about noon on a Friday, it doesn't make Friday’s batches. We take weekends off.  Then we take Friday afternoon through Monday at 10:30am orders, we roast and ship those on Mondays (those are always crazy days in the shop). We would roast and ship that order probably around 3pm on Monday. That means that the coffee would likely be delivered on Wednesday and the customer would drink it on Thursday (5 days after they placed the order).  

But it will be perfect in that sweet spot of 48-72hrs after roast.

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